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What is the Heritage Difference?

Everything we do at Heritage Xteriors is designed around the concepts of giving you the highest quality roofing system with the best experience along the way. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the insurance claim process and our exceptional customer service. We handle your claim from A to Z - making the process as easy and hassle-free for you as it can be!

What you can expect from our team

• As a company we believe that every customer is an extension of our family. We will go to great lengths to exceed your expectations. 
​• Our team is highly trained with many years of experience. In this ever-changing industry and environment, we strive for excellence by staying ahead of the competition and focusing on basic beliefs and principles.
• We provide industry-leading insurance restoration services to ensure you are made whole again quickly. 
• You can count on one point of contact from start to finish. 
• We are dedicated to earning your trust and your business as we strive to prove to you that we can and will exceed your expectations.
• ​We use state of the art estimating and project management software, and work seamlessly with your insurance company to ensure you receive everything that you are entitled to on your claim.
• We successfully negotiate thousands of claims each year. With a team of the industry's top professionals, we have the experience you need.


What you can expect from our craftsmanship and day of the construction

• No money asked for up-front, nothing is paid for until the work is complete. You will never pay a dime outside of your insurance deductible. 
• A complete tear-off, down to the wood decking.
• Any and all bad flashings are replaced. 
• We use an upgraded synthetic underlayment as standard on all of our roofs, allowing for up to 6 months of exposure to the elements.
• Absolutely no staples used, only cap nails on the underlayment install and galvanized 1-1/4" nails on shingle install.
• Ice and water shield is installed 24" up from the interior wall on all eaves, in all valleys, around all penetrations and any roof to wall area.
• Every shingle is 6 nailed.
• Ventilation is matched to attic area, improving energy-efficiency and meeting manufacturers warranty.
• Color match on all roof accessories. • We do not use dumpsters, only trailers that are removed at the end of the day.
• Yard is rolled with magnetic rollers to ensure all nails are removed from the roof tear-off.
Every Heritage roofing system is installed per county and state building code requirements.